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ShortRehab² ST2200 – price : 1295 $ + VAT 

This device offers continuous and pulsed applications, intended to generate deep heat within body tissues for the treatment of selected medical conditions such as muscle spasms, joint contractures, and pain relief which has the advantage of a greater penetration depth in contrast with conventional methods, such as hot packs, baths or infrared light. Its direction-adjustable arms enable comfortable treatment of each body part. And it is suitable for use in out-patient clinics, hospitals, and other facilities.


  • Continuous and pulsed mode (allows thermal and a-thermal treatment)
  • Capacitive and inductive applicators
  • High output power, continuously adjustable
  • Built-in timer with automatic shut-off
  • Easy applicator change
  • Fully adjustable electrode arms
  • Patient safety switch
  • 100 user-defined protocols
  • 20 clinical protocols on board
  • Power generation via a high efficiency
  • Fully adjustable pulse rate and pulse width
  • Capacitive applicators
  • The body part being treated is located in the high-frequency electric field between two insulated electrodes
  • Mainly heats tissues with low blood circulation (e.g., connective tissues)
  • Inductive applicators
  • Produces high-frequency electric currents within the body tissue by means of induction
  • Most effective for tissues with good blood circulation (e.g. musc
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