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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

A new veterinary therapy developed by veterinarians in the US has shown promise for treating foot problems in cats.

Clinical trial results show that the new treatment improves circulation in the affected area and reduces pain, and helps cats recover from trauma and arthritis, said the owners of The Lively Cat Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin.

Clinicians have been searching for a treatment for the condition for many years, and they believe they’ve found it.

“I’m excited to be able to offer a new and better option for people who are having a lot of trouble with their cat’s feet,” said Dr Lisa Lauterbrunn, the clinic’s veterinarian.

Dr Lautersbunn says her team developed the treatment after a cat named Flynn was diagnosed with an aggressive form of arthritis.

“He had had a lot going on in his life, and we had been trying to treat the disease and help him deal with the pain,” Dr Lautercunn said.

“Flynn had had some serious surgeries on his foot, and a vet had told us that his foot was very sensitive to touch, and the touch was getting too much for him.”

So we decided to see if we could give him this treatment to help him heal.

“Then, after a few weeks, he started to get some real good results.

He’s still in the hospital today, but he’s really happy.”

Dr Lauerbrunn says Flynn’s experience has led to many other owners adopting similar treatment strategies.

“We’ve found that people can actually do a lot with the treatment,” she said.

She said that, despite the benefits, people may not always be able or willing to give up their cat for a therapy session.

“There’s so many different things you can do, and it’s really important to get that therapy going,” she added.

“People can still find themselves having to give their cat back and they’re not happy about it, so they may want to find other ways of dealing with the problem.”

For more information about foot issues in cats, visit the Veterinary Medicines Agency’s website.

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