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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

Posted October 07, 2019 07:15:51While many people enjoy their spa days, they also have a lot to be stressed about.

This is where the spa can make a real difference, says a New Zealand-based physiotherapist.

Dr Lalitha Pang, who works with young people aged 16-21, believes that it is crucial for young people to spend time outside their comfort zone, and that in turn can make them more comfortable in their skin.

Dr Pang believes that when young people are exposed to their natural surroundings, they are more likely to feel comfortable in themselves and to relax.

“Young people are more comfortable with their bodies and can feel less stressed, so that helps them feel more relaxed and relaxed.”

Dr Pangs advice is to create a space that is open to everyone, where they can enjoy themselves and feel safe.

“If they are stressed or anxious, that’s going to create an environment where it’s easy to relax, to feel like they can go and enjoy themselves.”

It’s all about the skinPang believes in the importance of being mindful of the skin.

“Your skin has a natural ability to protect itself, it has an amazing ability to heal itself, and when you’re in a stressful environment it’s important that you’re able to heal yourself and get back to your normal life,” she says.

“It’s important for young kids to learn to be more mindful and more aware of the way they feel about themselves and their skin.”

To achieve this, Dr Pang recommends taking time to go to the beach, or to an outdoor activity, and getting some fresh air.

“You’re going to need to do that because the environment you’re living in right now, there’s a lot of people out there, and they can be incredibly stressful.”

Dr Parthasarathy, the owner of Lalithas, is also keen on encouraging young people, both in the UK and the US, to be mindful of their bodies.

“It’s great that young people feel safe when they go to a spa, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” she explains.

“But if you don’t take care of yourself, your skin can become more sensitive, more irritated and more stressed, and it can lead to a lot more skin problems.”

So, you have to be very mindful and make sure you’re always in control of your body, whether it’s your skin, your clothes or even your mind.

“So, take care, make sure it’s good, and you can get your skin back.””

When you’re out there and you’re having a bad day, your body can be more stressed than normal,” she adds.

“So, take care, make sure it’s good, and you can get your skin back.”

Dr Lalitham Pang says young people must be mindful about their skin and wellbeing, and make a conscious effort to spend a lot less time outdoors, or spending time on the beach.

“I think that they should be a little more mindful, and spend a little less time on a hot summer day.”

To learn more about Dr Laliths spa, visit her website.

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