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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

VANCOUVER — Physiotherapy and acupuncture are being offered as treatments for the flu, as many Vancouverites try to balance out their health care needs with work.

The city has seen its fair share of cases of the pandemic and the pandemics’ associated challenges with accessing care, but the city has done a pretty good job of encouraging patients to take advantage of these new options.

The first of these services opened in the downtown core on Tuesday.

The first of the new programs is at the Centre for the Future, located at 1110 Cambie St., the same location as the one used for the previous services.

The Centre for Future is one of a number of new physical therapy providers in the area, including the first to open its doors on Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re looking for people that can’t work at their current locations, and we’ve got people who want to stay in the community,” said Dr. Stephen Calkins, who opened the clinic a few weeks ago.

“There’s been a number who’ve decided to leave the city and come to Vancouver.

We’re hoping that people who are interested can go and see this, and hopefully find that they have the resources to go and try these new therapies.”

The new services include physical therapy, acupuncture and massage, and Calkin said the most common treatment is massage.

“People need to be able to have their body, their mind and their spirit be in balance,” he said.

“I’d say 90-95 per cent of the people who come to us are happy to see us, and there’s been some very positive feedback about our services, as well as the positive reaction to our first two appointments.”

Amber K.S. (not her real name), who has been living in Vancouver since she was a child, has been a regular patient for the past three years.

She’s been through both physical therapy and acupuncture.

“It’s been very helpful,” she said.

“I’ve been in my room a lot.

The people that are in my rooms have been really helpful.

It’s been really good to have someone that is here with me who’s willing to take care of me and help me.”

Calkins said people should also know the benefits of the physical therapy options.

“There’s a lot of good information out there.

People want to get the best care for their physical health,” he added.

“We’re not just trying to save money.

We want to help people with their physical problems.”

Calkingins said the Centre also offers a range of complementary therapies, which includes acupuncture, massage and massage therapy.

He said he expects to have a full range of physical therapy services open in the coming weeks.

“Our goal is to open about four or five of these facilities,” he explained.

“One or two of these will be open in this area in the next week or so, but we’re looking forward to that.”

For more information on physical therapy in Vancouver, visit the City of Vancouver website.

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