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The Nike Air Zoom 2.0 “Gym Bikinis” have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the 1970s.

The retro-inspired design has been worn on the pitch by some of Europe’s best players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric and Eden Hazard, and now it’s coming to the footballers’ homes too.

The latest addition to the Nike Air range, the Zoom 2, is available in white, black, grey, blue and green, and comes with a host of other colourways.

In terms of style, the Nike Zoom 2 is definitely the “Garden Gown” of the bunch. 

It’s the latest addition for Nike to the “Air Zoom” series, which was launched in the summer of 2016.

The range features the Air Zoom “G” silhouette, which features a soft rubber heel and an innovative midsole with a “G”-shaped section at the top of the sole.

This provides extra cushioning and stability for the foot when it’s on the ball, while also allowing for maximum performance in the air. 

The Nike Zoom “P” silhouette also has a soft-toe shape, and is designed to provide maximum grip and comfort in the ankle area, while the “P”-shaped midsole also has the “L” shape, which is designed for maximum stability in the foot area. 

Nike’s new Zoom 2 “G,” with “G-shaped” midsole and “L”-shaped sole, is a classic, modern and functional design that will be appreciated by all who love their boots. Read more The Adidas Zoom Zoom 2 Zoom, available in black and grey, is the latest sneaker to join the Nike’s “G and P” series.

It features a classic white midsole, which allows for maximum cushioning, while a new midsole design is now in the mix to help the Adidas Zoom 2 maintain its classic look and feel. 

A Nike Zoom Zoom “B” silhouette is a contemporary take on the classic “P,” with a soft and durable rubber sole and a slightly more contemporary “L.” 

In terms of the overall look of the shoe, it’s a little different to the Adidas.

The Zoom 2 has a grey midsole on the heel and the Zoom 1 Zoom, on the sole, have white mid-sole inserts on the upper. 

However, the Adidas and Nike Zoom models feature the same material, which makes them more comparable in look and performance, and they both have a slightly different look to the midsole. 

Both the Adidas “G1” and Nike “P1” models feature a black sole. 

As you can see in the photo above, the new Adidas Zoom “A” model features a black upper with white inserts, while it’s the same as the Nike “A1” model. 

There’s still some time to grab one of these sneakers before the official launch of the Adidas Nike Zoom in June 2018. 

Image source The latest Nike Air Jordan 1 Zoom (White/Black) sneaker is the first to hit the market with a grey upper and black midsole insert, as well as a “M” shape midsole for maximum comfort in both the heel area and ankle area.

This shoe will also be available in grey, grey/black and grey/white. 

These are the first Air Jordan Zoom products to be launched in a grey and black colourway. 

“This is a big step forward in our Zoom line, and we’re excited to introduce a range of footwear with a timeless look that speaks to the past,” said Chris King, Senior Vice President, Product Development at Nike. 

With the Adidas Air Zoom 1 and Adidas Air Jordan 2 Zoom being the first Zoom models to be unveiled, it looks like Nike is set to go big on the sneaker trend.

The next step is for Nike and Adidas to get this trend started, and it looks to be just the beginning of a trend that will keep the sneakers of the future looking good. 

 Read the Nikes official press release here.

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