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Physician and holistic doctor Arundhati Jain says her clients were shocked to hear she was being referred to by a psychiatrist.

Ms Jain said she has been in the business for more than a decade and is a holistic doctor.

“I know that we are not supposed to say anything like that in a patient’s home.

That’s not what I was taught,” she told AAP on Tuesday.”

It was not that I was trying to hurt them but that I had a very bad conscience,” Ms Jain told AAP.

She said her patients were not only shocked but also confused.

“One patient said, ‘Why are you talking to me?

I am so happy that you are helping me,'” she said.”

They said, well, I just can’t believe that I am being referred by a doctor to someone who is so sick.”

Ms Jains husband and three children are also in the holistic medicine business.

The Australian-based holistic doctor said she had been in touch with the local psychiatrist, but they have not yet confirmed whether the referral was genuine.

“When I heard that the psychiatrist had called me, I felt really ashamed,” she said, adding that she did not want to upset her clients.

“She said, this is not a mental health referral.

It is a medical referral.

And it is not for anything bad, it is just for treatment.”

Ms Latham told The Hindu that she had heard about the referral in the media.

“We have to keep in mind that many people are going through very hard times, especially with a serious illness,” she explained.

“And the mental health community is often used to getting referrals that are very negative.”

Ms Dr Latham said the referral is “very unfair” and that she was in contact with the doctor.

However, she said she was still shocked by the news.

“The most important thing is for me to keep them alive, because otherwise they are going to die,” she added.

“This is my life, and I want to make sure they live a healthy and happy life.”


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