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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

A neurologist is helping you understand your symptoms, whether they are related to neurological disorders or other conditions, and what to do if you have a serious condition.

This week, a special neurologist will be visiting your home, visiting the family and attending to your children.

He or she will work with you to make sure that you are feeling better.

You will get a neurological physiotherapist.

She will take a neurological test to help you see if you are experiencing symptoms of a neurological disorder.

The test will help determine whether or not you have an underlying condition that could affect your health.

The neurologist can make an appointment at a home or work where you can get the test done.

Your neurologist may also visit your home or your work site.

She or he may use a computer or an online tool to make the appointment.

The appointment will be scheduled and the test will take about 10 minutes.

The neurologist or the test is free and you can ask questions or get information from your doctor.

You can also get help at a nursing home or an emergency department.

You may also call your doctor or home health care provider if you need more information.

If you have any questions about your symptoms or have any concerns about your neurologist, you can call 1-800-845-5556.

If you have symptoms that are not related to a neurological condition, your neurologists may be able to help.

You are a good candidate for the neuropsychiatric rehabilitation program.

The program includes intensive behavioral therapy, a physical therapist, occupational therapy, occupational mobility and speech therapy.

You also have a chance to participate in a rehabilitation program that will help you learn new skills.

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