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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

A Coates physiotherapist in Fiji, who is working as an intern, recently posted an image on Instagram and Facebook.

This post has been shared by thousands of people, and now we have been able to verify that the image is genuine.

The post shows a doctor, wearing a black lab coat and holding a clipboard, with a clipboard in his hand.

The doctor is also seen holding a device in his left hand, which looks like a remote control.

This remote control can be used to control the treatment device, which can be seen as a medical instrument.

The doctor uses the device to press a button, which activates a large button, and then an additional button on his lapel.

He is seen saying that a new device will be added to his lap.

After he was shown the device, he is seen using the device in a manner that is quite similar to the manner he described in the Instagram post.

The device is also shown to be a remote controlled device, with buttons that can be pushed and released.

The device also appears to be powered by a battery.

The doctor is shown standing in front of a mirror, with his back to the viewer.

He looks at his face with a blank expression.

This device can be controlled remotely using a computer program, and the device can also be used for self-treatment and massage.

According to Fiji Health, the device was manufactured in 2015 and is currently being used to treat more than 7,000 people.

The devices can be found in a variety of colours, and there is a variety in the amount of power used.

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