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A report by the University of Toronto says that Toronto’s three best hospitals for chest pains have a “significant gap” in their services.

University of Toronto Chest Pain Centre Dr. Chris Williams said in an email to that the study is not meant to be definitive on the top three hospitals for treating chest pain.

“We are not trying to establish the best hospital, it is simply to provide a benchmark that can be used to compare across centres,” he said.

“This study is aimed at highlighting the importance of comparing across hospitals as there is a lot of variation in the different hospitals in terms of their treatments, equipment, and the way in which patients are treated.”

The University of Ottawa’s University Health Centre also reported in its annual survey of chest pain hospitals that it ranked “not as well as our peers” in terms on quality of care and hospital facilities.

The study looked at the number of patients admitted to hospital, their treatment, and whether they were discharged within a month or a year.

Dr Williams said that while Toronto’s top three is a “substantial gap” compared to other cities, it’s not a huge gap compared to Ottawa.

There are “many hospitals in the country that are very close in terms, quality of patient care, and patient outcomes,” he added.

For example, Toronto’s University Hospital in the GTA is ranked in the top 10 in the world in terms in terms the number and quality of cardiac arrests.

Toronto’s University of Southern Ontario also ranks in the Top 10.

It also ranks among the top 5 in terms that its cardiac patients have a better survival rate than patients in other hospitals.

Another city that’s ranked highly on quality is Vancouver, according to the University Health Association.

Vancouver’s Victoria General Hospital ranked No. 1 in the rankings.

Victoria General Hospital is one of four hospitals that are in the TOP 10 for the quality of the treatment.

University of Victoria’s Heart Institute also ranks at the top in terms how many patients are admitted to the hospital, the number with a “good” or “fair” survival rate, and for how long they stay in hospital.

On the other end of the spectrum, the University Medical Centre of B.C. ranks No. 30 in terms cardiac arrests and survival rate.

Both the University College of Art and Design and University of British Columbia have higher death rates than the national average for the same age group.

And the University’s Centre for Excellence in Neurology ranked No 10 in terms survival rate and quality.

University Health Association president and CEO Chris Friesen said that although the survey is based on the number admitted, there are many factors to take into account.

“(The hospitals) have to be judged on their level of care, quality, outcomes, the way that patients are cared for, and if patients are getting good or bad outcomes,” Friese said.

But there is also a large difference in quality between hospitals, according in part to the fact that they don’t have an independent review board to assess how patients are being treated, he said

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