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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists will be able to offer physiotherapy for the first time at a major hospital in London in the coming weeks.

The London Medical Centre has been a major player in treating the sick with its specialist services for a long time.

Now, the hospital’s Physioscience Service is joining forces with the Royal College of Physicians to open the London clinic.

The new clinic will offer physiotherapies to patients with chronic pain and the NHS’s National Health Service (NHS) will offer support.

The move follows the release of a new NHS National Plan in February that sets out how to make health care more accessible and efficient for people with chronic conditions.

This includes an expansion of physiotherapy services for the disabled and the elderly.

Physiologists say it is a major step towards bringing more physiotherapy to the UK.

They say the new facility will make it easier for physiotherapy therapists to find patients with physical, mental and psychological problems, and offer more options for patients to choose a physiotherapy program.

“It is a welcome development, because it will help us expand our range of services to meet the needs of a growing number of people,” said Dr. Anya K. M. Khan, chief medical officer of the Royal Society of Physiotechnologists (RSP).

“We need to be thinking about ways to improve care for people who have chronic conditions and provide them with the best possible treatment.”

London has been at the forefront of introducing physiotherapy in the NHS, which has been criticized for not being well designed.

Dr. Khan said there were a lot of hurdles to overcome.

The NHS currently does not offer physiotheques or physiotherapy clinics, she said.

The National Plan aims to bring in more physiotherapeutic programs in the UK by 2020, and the RSP says this will be a major milestone for the NHS.

The Royal College said it would work with physiotherapy providers on how to improve the delivery of physiotherapist services.

“Physiotherapy is an excellent treatment for many conditions and is a critical part of the NHS health care system.

This is especially true for people suffering from chronic pain, who are likely to be the most vulnerable in our society,” said the RCP’s director of health policy, Dr. Peter White.

“The introduction of the London Physiocommunication Centre, which will be located on the fourth floor of the main building, will enable us to better serve patients, while also helping to improve quality of care for our patients,” he added.

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