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A crash-course in brain injuries from a brain surgeon to an Olympic athlete will be delivered in Vancouver in October.

Dr. Mark A. Ehrlich, a neurosurgeon who has treated athletes including Olympic champion Jesse Owens and a Paralympic cyclist, will speak at the Canadian Neurological Association of BC in an effort to promote brain injury awareness.

Dr Ehrich is the author of two books about brain injury, including “Brain Injury in Sport,” and has delivered dozens of lectures on the topic.

In a series of videos on YouTube, he explains what to do after a fall and what to expect when returning to play after a concussion.

The video is the brain-training equivalent of a lecture in a classroom.

“If you’re not ready to get back out there, you’re probably not ready for the challenge of competing,” he says.

The first video focuses on the mechanics of a brain injury.

“It’s kind of a classic case where the brain is hit with a lot of forces and you get this concussion,” he explains.

“When you hit the wall, your brain goes into a sort of shock, and the impact has an impact on the entire brain.

It’s like having a hammer hitting a piece of wood.”

Dr Eichlich has treated several Olympic athletes.

In 2006, he was one of two physicians in the world to treat a paraplegic hockey player after he fractured his skull during a fall.

The other physician, Dr. Kevin R. Smith, was a trauma surgeon at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont.

“I didn’t know exactly what had happened,” says Dr Smith, who is also an assistant professor of neurology at McMaster.

“So, I called up a guy I knew, and we went over his work with the patient and the history of his concussion and what had occurred.

“The patient told me that he was walking away from the slide and suddenly the wall struck him.” “

There was a bit of confusion,” Dr Smith says.

“The patient told me that he was walking away from the slide and suddenly the wall struck him.”

Dr Smith then asked what had just happened.

“He said that he had fallen and hit the top of a wall,” Dr Ehllich recalls.

Dr Riff says that the patient went into an epileptic fit and was later admitted to the intensive care unit. “

We were all stunned,” Dr Ritz says.

Dr Riff says that the patient went into an epileptic fit and was later admitted to the intensive care unit.

“After that, I couldn’t remember anything about the fall,” he said.

“You’re still trying to piece it all together.”

Dr Riffs case highlights the dangers of walking off the ice during a collision.

“As the athlete approaches the ice, you have to remember the consequences,” Dr Atherlich says.

If you do fall, your head will start to hurt.

And if you have a concussion, it’s not uncommon for the brain to bleed.

Dr Auroll says that a brain bleed is the first indication of a concussion and that if you’re on the ice without a helmet, it can be difficult to tell whether the injury is serious.

“Once you hit a wall, there’s no time for the blood to clot,” Dr Jernigan says.

He adds that the symptoms of a head injury can include dizziness, fatigue, confusion, difficulty thinking, and memory loss.

Injuries to the brain are extremely rare, but they are still a common occurrence.

In 2016, more than 700,000 people were diagnosed with brain injuries in the United States.

About 40 per cent of them are head injuries.

According to the American Brain Injury Association, brain injuries occur in about 1 in 6,000 adults and children.

According, an average person has two to five concussions a lifetime.

And, a person can have several concussions in a lifetime, says Dr Jervis Ritz, who has helped thousands of athletes in sports like hockey, basketball, and baseball over the years.

“A concussion is an inevitable consequence of sports and the physical demands of the job,” Dr Tabor says.

But it can take up to five years to fully recover.

Dr Jussis says that he hopes Dr Airoll’s lecture will help promote awareness about brain injuries and make people more aware of how they can recover from an injury.

While there is no one-size-fits-all protocol for recovering from a concussion that lasts several days, he recommends being on a high-quality sleep schedule and taking a daily multivitamin and supplement.

He also suggests a high dose of anti-inflammatories and anti-depressants, which can help you feel better and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

And he says that athletes should exercise regularly and keep an eye on their diet.

“They need to have an adequate intake of energy, a low-calorie diet and a high protein intake,” Dr Sjöberg says.

There is one thing that Dr Jansen

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