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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

By Dr. Rishi SharmaThe results physiotherapy is a well known treatment in Indian hospitals and it is one of the most effective.

But its effectiveness in treating chronic pain is not the only one.

The other treatment is called physiotherapy, a method that allows patients to control their pain.

Dr. Rao Chandran of the Tata Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) has studied the effects of physiotherapy on chronic pain and has concluded that the treatment is more effective than other methods for treating chronic pains.

“The main issue of chronic pain in India is the pain intensity,” Chandran told CNN Health.

“The pain intensity of chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases, and chronic disorders like depression, is very high, so it can be challenging to manage the pain.

So we are seeing that a lot of chronic patients are not managing their pain effectively and the best way to reduce pain intensity is to improve the quality of their health and wellness.”

This is the primary reason why physiotherapy has not become an option for the majority of patients in India,” he said.

The Indian government has been trying to develop more effective therapies for chronic pain.

Earlier this year, it launched the Global Pain Management Initiative (GPMI) to develop treatments for chronic conditions.

The government has also launched the National Pain Management Strategy for India (NPMSI).

It also launched an Indira Gandhi National Medical and Scientific Research Institute of India (NIMRBII) that aims to improve pain management in India.”

We hope that NIMBIS is a global centre where we can share the best solutions for chronic problems.”

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