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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

When you first arrive at Imu physiotherapists, you will see a room with the words “Imu physiology clinic” written on the wall.

The door is unlocked.

In the waiting room, you are greeted by a female patient who asks you to “come in and see the room”.

The room is a small one, with a single bed, a sink and a chair, with only one wall.

There are two patients sitting on the bed and one patient on the floor.

The patient on each side of the bed is the same age, but is in a different room.

The two patients are on the same side of a table with a glass of water.

The chair in the corner of the room is occupied by a young man, who is wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of black jeans.

He is leaning against the wall and seems to be relaxing.

When you enter the room, the woman behind the desk asks you if you have any questions.

You answer yes and then she asks you whether you are interested in being her patient.

You are told that you will need to complete some paperwork and wait a few minutes to see a doctor.

The doctor walks over and you are given a prescription for a physiotherapy treatment.

You take the prescription and sit down in the waiting area.

The woman who is sitting in the chair says she will check you over in the next hour.

You can see a nurse who takes a look at your body and says that your blood pressure is fine.

You will then be given a physical examination.

The nurse tells you that you are on your period, and that you need to have a pelvic exam.

When the nurse leaves, the nurse walks over to a female nurse who asks if you need a urine test.

You tell the nurse that you do not have a urine sample, and she asks if she can take a sample.

You go over to the nurse who gives you a sample and asks if the sample is good.

The sample is positive.

You see a physician who takes your temperature and says it is 100.

Your blood pressure and pulse are normal.

When your doctor checks you again, you tell him that your pulse is normal and your blood flow is normal.

You have the following symptoms: The woman sitting in your waiting room tells you to come in and take a urine exam.

You say that you would rather be in the hospital than at home.

The nurses in the room says that it is okay for you to stay in the office for the next 30 minutes and then go to the hospital.

When asked if you will have to come back in the evening, you say that the doctor is going to be taking blood samples and the results will be sent to the lab for analysis.

You also say that your symptoms are very serious.

The physician walks over.

You ask him if he wants to come to the office.

He says that he is going there for a blood sample and he wants you to bring the sample to him.

The man sitting in his waiting room says he will be coming with you and asks you for directions.

When he gets to the waiting areas, he notices two patients.

He notices that one of them has a swollen abdomen, and says “that’s bad, I should get him in the emergency room”.

He is the only patient who is in the same room as you.

The second patient, who you have been seeing in the previous room, is not there and is still sleeping.

You then see a young male patient.

He walks up to you and says, “You should come here.”

You tell him to sit down, and you tell the woman to get the blood sample from the second patient.

She tells the nurse to take the sample from him.

You put the sample in a cup and take the bottle with you.

You leave the room and you ask the nurse if the patient is ok.

She says that she has to take a look in the bathroom, and the nurse says that they are waiting.

The young male doctor says that the nurse said that the patient was fine and that he had a sample that would be sent back to the laboratory.

The next day, the young man comes to the ER with a fever and has to be transferred to the ICU.

When his doctor sees the patient, he says that “he is a very sick person, and he is having a fever”.

The nurse in the ER says that all of the tests were negative, but he is not in the ICR ward.

The same nurse is asked to leave the ER and comes back the next day and asks the doctor if the young male was ok.

The following day, he has a fever of 108.5 degrees.

He goes to the emergency department for his blood pressure.

The blood pressure was 110, and his pulse was 80.

The results are positive.

When a nurse is in your room, she is told to take you to the bathroom to have some water.

She comes back and

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