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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

Physiotherapist Dr. Sharon Eliezer, who has been practicing physiotherapy in the city for more than 30 years, told The Jerusalem Times that Israelis were very aware of the health risks of a lot of these procedures, but were unwilling to get involved.

“In the West, you have to wait for the doctor to prescribe you, and that’s because they don’t understand the risks.

In Israel, the doctors know the risks and the patients don’t know them.

It’s a lot harder,” Eliezer said.”

The Israelis, they’re much more comfortable with us than with the West.

They know that physiotherapy is an alternative, and we’re a therapy, not a medicine.

We’re not going to prescribe to the patient.

We’ll help them with the rest, but we don’t make them do anything,” she added.

Eliezer has been treating many people who had suffered brain injuries and has treated a number of them over the years.

In 2010, she became the first Palestinian doctor to perform an Israeli spinal cord injury procedure on an American.

The procedure, known as arthroscopy, involves inserting a scalpel into the spinal cord, which is used to remove a section of the nerve that controls the muscles.

The goal is to remove as much tissue as possible to relieve pressure on the injured part.

Elieszer said she had a hard time convincing the doctors that she was an appropriate candidate for the procedure.

“I had no idea what the risks were, and I didn’t know what the procedure would look like,” she said.

She was hesitant to proceed, she added, and was only accepted after she met a man who had lost a son and was in dire need of the procedure and would be able to pay for it out of pocket.

“It was a very tough choice.

I was nervous about the procedure, but also a little scared of the people.

They weren’t the people I knew.

They were all very kind, but they were very strange,” she told The Times.

Elielzer, however, said that she feels comfortable in her job and that she hopes to continue doing so.

She said that some people are uncomfortable with the procedure but that the majority of people are not.

“We have very nice doctors.

They’re very nice, very knowledgeable, and they know everything.

The majority of them are very happy,” she explained.”

People want to be comfortable with it, but it’s not a matter of how comfortable they are.

It has to be a matter about whether they can get rid of the pain or not.

If they can’t get rid, then it doesn’t make sense for them to continue,” she concluded.

Elietzer said that there is a huge need for physiotherapy for Israelis, as more people are suffering from injuries that are associated with a lack of mobility and coordination.

“A lot of the patients in our clinics don’t have mobility or coordination problems.

They have a disability, but because they can no longer move, they cannot do anything about it,” she noted.”

There are so many people in our country who have had serious injuries and can’t work because of their disabilities,” she continued.

“The pain is too great.

We need physiotherapy.”

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