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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

The U.S. Army is considering increasing the use of physiotherapy treatments as it tries to reverse the pain caused by a spinal cord injury.

The military has been using spinal cord electrodes to stimulate the nerves to relieve the symptoms of chronic neck and back pain.

But the military has not seen any benefit from these techniques in treating soldiers who have suffered spinal cord injuries in combat.

“The Army is taking a different approach,” Maj. Col. Joe Lassiter, the military’s director of the neurosurgical research unit, said in an interview.

“We’re not doing any of these treatments as part of the current rehabilitation plan.

We’re not prescribing them as part, in part, of that plan.”

Lassiter said the Army will begin using a different set of physiotherapies to help soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as those who have undergone a spinal injury.

“We’re seeing these changes in the use and application of physiognomy and we are seeing some of the use in our soldiers as well,” Lassitor said.

The Army has been experimenting with spinal cord stimulation since 2013, when the Army’s chief medical officer recommended it for the treatment of post-crush and chronic pain.

Lassister said the use has increased in recent years, but he said it was too early to tell whether it was an effective treatment for post-concussion syndrome.

In 2015, the Army also started testing the use the electrodes to treat chronic pain from traumatic brain injury.

The tests have been successful, and Lassitter said the new studies are expected to confirm the results.

The results will likely take some time to show up in the military medical system, Lassit said.

The Army will be monitoring how well the treatments work in order to develop new treatment plans, he said.

“Physiotherapy is an old-school, non-invasive, noncontraindicated approach,” Laskiter said.

“I don’t think it will be a cure-all.”

The Army’s efforts have been applauded by other members of Congress, including Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, who has been pushing for a research program to improve the use among soldiers.

“This study is proof positive of the effectiveness of the neuromuscular system in relieving the symptoms and injuries that veterans face after being hit in the neck or spine,” Castro said in a statement.

“This study shows that it can be done, and that it will take time to make a difference.”

Laskiter acknowledged the Army is still working to understand the role of the neural system in the treatment, but said that the Army and the Pentagon will work together to find a way to make the therapies safer for soldiers.

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