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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

HARBOR, Nova Scotia — A patient’s pelvic floor and bladder muscles need time to recover after a pelvic-floor physiotherapy session.

The best way to make sure you get a good and safe pelvic-dynamic therapy appointment is to take a few minutes to walk around the clinic and ask a few questions about what you are going to be doing.

That way, you will know what to expect and be able to plan accordingly.

“We want you to feel comfortable, we want you feeling comfortable,” says Dr. Amy Hessel, an orthopedic surgeon at McGill University who works with women with pelvic floor issues.

“We want to help you feel safe, and we want to make it easy for you to get your appointment.”

Hessel says that when a patient feels comfortable with the program, the next step is to ask for a consultation appointment.

You can find a range of options at the Halifax clinic, including a pelvic dystocia program, a pelvic orthopedics program, or a pelvic acupressure program.

If you need to get in touch with a health care professional to get more information about your health or health care needs, there are some services available at the hospital, including the health clinic and the women’s clinic.

Dr. Hessel says there are also various types of treatments available at various health care providers.

HESSLER: You can do an assessment of the woman’s symptoms and if she needs any treatment, and if so, you can also refer her to a specialist, and then you can go back to the doctor if you need further evaluation.

HESSLER’S PATIENT: It’s great that they’re doing pelvic therapy.

I’m going to go to my doctor and they’re going to do pelvic therapy and then they’re really going to help me get the best possible outcome.

HALLER: The patient may also be referred to a therapist for some pelvic-type issues.

HECKER: That might include a specific area of the pelvic floor that’s bothering her.

HULLER: She may also have to do some exercises or have some kind of therapy done in order to get some help.HALLER’S DORIS: It might be helpful to have a physical therapist look at what her pelvic floor muscles are doing, how they are responding to the pelvic rotation and some exercises she might be doing, and some things she might need to do to strengthen her pelvic muscles.

HICKS: If a woman has had some type of surgery that has caused some pain, she may also need to have her pelvic mobility and the pelvic muscles strengthened.HECKER’s PATIENT’S HOSPITAL: They might have done some sort of pelvic-range of motion exercises and also some exercises with the pelvic area.

In other words, they might have to come back and do a pelvic rehabilitation.HESSER’GATEHOUSE: There are different types of pelvic exercises that they can do.

They can do stretches, which are stretches in the pelvic region that is the area that’s getting sore.

HILLER’R: They can use the pelvic mobility exercises that are similar to the ones they would do in a physical therapy session.HULLER’PERSON: They could also have a pelvic weight lift or pelvic rotation exercises.

HACKMAN: They may be able use some kind the exercises that involve their pelvic muscles to work on some of the muscles of the upper pelvic region.

HAYDEN: It could be something like a pelvic strength exercise or a strengthening exercise, or even a pelvic massage.HICKS’DORIS’S: It may be helpful for them to be in a position where they can really move their pelvic floor.HOCKER’MORNING: You might be able even try a different exercise like a hamstring stretching exercise.HILLER’s DORRIS’: There’s also some kind kind of strengthening exercises that you might do that will make the muscles in the lower pelvic area stronger.HACKMAN’S HOUSE: They’re also going to need to work some sort to strengthen some of their pelvic muscle groups, especially their pelvic rotator cuff muscles, so they can also lift their pelvic area a little bit.HAPPY TUESDAYS HACKLER’DORS’ HOUSE: There may be some kind or strengthening exercises you can do with the lower muscles of your pelvic floor, like using a dumbbell or a push-up bar.

Some women may also want to work with a physical exercise therapist or a strength and conditioning coach.HAYDEN’S HEART: They also might want to do a strengthening and stretching exercise, like a squat or a squatting exercise.

HASHLEY: They should be able do some

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