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The American Association of Physician Assistants (AAPA) says it will be introducing an online service to allow patients to get advice on how to use pelvic floor therapists.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) said it will use its online platform to offer advice on pelvic floor therapy, which is commonly used in the treatment of pain and other conditions, and to offer feedback on how it works.

The AAPA’s online service, which aims to be a “first-class” place to find a physiotherapist, will be available by the end of January.

It will also allow patients from the US, Canada and Australia to share their experiences and ask questions.

The move comes after a survey of more than 8,000 people found a strong link between pelvic floor exercises and health and well-being.

Some researchers have also suggested that pelvic floor workouts may help people with chronic pain, particularly with anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

However, a study by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Institute of Physical Therapy (AIPT) found that pelvic exercises were not associated with significant improvements in pain or disability.

The ACS said the AAPA and AAPTA’s move was important because they are both members of the AAP and APTA.ACS President Dr Chris Williams said the organisation’s members were concerned about the lack of scientific evidence for the benefits of pelvic floor treatments.

“The lack of research and evidence that pelvic and back-and-forth exercises are safe, effective, and effective in treating chronic pain is of great concern,” he said.

He said that if the AAPAs online service was introduced, it would “open up access to an entire class of health professionals” and would help them to “better understand what pelvic floor training is and what the potential benefits and benefits of doing so are”.

Mr Williams said it would also help those who had been diagnosed with chronic back pain and anxiety, but did not know how to find an appropriate treatment.

“These types of conditions can often lead to difficulty with self-care and daily activities, and there are many benefits to being able to do pelvic and backs exercises,” he told AAP.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the total number of Australians with chronic physical problems, including back and hip pain, is about 5 million, or 10 per cent of the population.

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