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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

By JASON WOLFBERGThe technology is there, but the science is still new.

The National Institutes of Health has a $500 million program to find new ways to treat and even cure diseases that affect the central nervous system, and researchers in the U.S. and Europe are working to develop treatments for the brain and spinal cord, the body’s core organs.

But while researchers in Germany and the U,S.

are trying to develop new treatments for diseases of the central brain, a new team of researchers from the University of Southern California has made strides to develop a new technology that would reduce the risk of death and paralysis caused by the disease.

The new technology is called palladium radiotherapy, and it’s being developed in the form of a pacemaker-like device that’s designed to deliver electric currents to a portion of the brain.

The idea is that a pacemaker-like implant could be implanted inside the brain to deliver electrical current to a certain area of the cortex, where the brain’s electrical impulses are stored.

The pacemaker could then deliver the electrical current directly to the area of pain that is most likely to cause the most damage, and then deliver a lower dose of the current to the surrounding areas of the body.

The result would be a decrease in pain that could potentially reduce a person’s risk of dying or having paralysis.

This could be especially important in people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a degenerative brain disease that affects millions of people worldwide.

People with amyoto-spinal cord injuries also have trouble with their ability to move.

The problem is, there’s no treatment for the condition that prevents paralysis.

The condition is so severe that many people with it can’t function normally.

And the symptoms can be debilitating, especially in older people.

It can lead to long-term disability, such as dementia, loss of mobility and reduced ability to function in the workplace.

This is a problem, because paralysis is so debilitating.

The NIH has a similar program to try to find treatments for ALS, and scientists in the United States and Europe have been working to find ways to lessen the severity of ALS.

Palladium radiators would be the first to tackle the issue.

The technology is based on a simple device called a microchip.

The microchip, which has a small battery and has electrodes that are embedded in it, is made of silicon.

It contains a battery that is charged using a laser and then a laser pulse is fired at the microchip and releases electrons.

The electrons that are released can be released in the battery to form ions.

These ions are then directed at the area in the brain where electrical impulses would be stored.

When the electrodes are connected to a pacemeister, the electrical impulses that are stored in the pacemakers are released directly to a particular area of that area of cortex.

The effect is similar to a regular pacemaker, except instead of releasing electricity directly to specific areas of an area of tissue, the pacemaker releases electricity to the nearby area.

The electrical current is directed to a specific area of a person or brain.

But the device could also be used to treat conditions that affect other parts of the human body, such the heart, the skin, muscles and other parts.

The team developed the pacemeisters by developing a device that contains electrodes that were embedded in a microchip that has electrodes attached to it.

This microchip can also be implanted in a paceman, a device similar to an electronic card, which is attached to a person and then is used to charge a battery.

Researchers said the device is safe, easy to use and is the best way to treat ALS.

“A lot of the people that are getting ALS are using devices that are not safe for them,” said lead author and UCSB professor of biomedical engineering Dr. Mark Wert, who led the research.

“What this pacemizer does is, it releases a lot of electricity that is directed in the right direction.

And then it can actually deliver it to a region that is critical to the patient’s survival.

The patient’s heart is also very important, because it controls the amount of blood flow to the brain, so the brain is getting more blood flowing to it, and that’s a huge factor in how the patient will be able to recover from ALS.”

The pacemasters are also able to deliver the right amount of electricity to specific parts of an injured brain.

They have electrodes that can be implanted directly into the cortex.

This type of device is very effective at delivering electrical impulses to specific brain areas.

“So it’s the combination of these two factors that make this device such an excellent candidate for being able to reduce paralysis in ALS patients,” said Dr. Robert C. Miller, a UCSB neurosurgeon and lead author of the study.

Miller and his team developed a new pacememaker-based pacemaker that is smaller and easier to insert into the brain of an ALS patient.

They found that it was able to release

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