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Download article Injuries are an important part of the sporting life and they are often the cause of a number of injuries.

They can lead to a lack of performance, poor posture and other issues, as well as to long-term health problems.

The main injury-related causes are the knee, shoulder, ankle and ankle joint, which are all damaged by the impact of a ball, and can be very painful.

But the other major causes are not always obvious, as they are complicated, and there is no simple answer.

In this article we will cover some of the common injuries that you will experience in football and give you a general guide on how to prevent or manage them.

Here is a list of some of these common injuries, along with what to do if you experience them, and how to recover from them.


The knee injury The knee is the joint in your lower leg that controls the movement of your knee, which is why the name “knee” comes from the Latin word for “to bend”.

The knee joint is formed by the two lateral bones (shin) and the quadriceps tendon (quad).

This is why it is sometimes called the “knees”.

The medial (medial-posterior) and lateral (lateral-poserior) ligaments connect the knee and the thigh bones.

They are also known as the ACL and LCL.

There are also the medial collateral ligaments, or the collateral ligamentals.

The ACL and ACL ligaments are usually located in the knee joint.

The medial collateral is a little bigger and wider than the lateral collateral, which makes it a better candidate for ligament reconstruction.

The lateral collateral is usually smaller and is often weaker.

The quadricep and the femur are two muscles that go along the medial and lateral collateral liguments and are used to pull the knee out of the socket and keep it from bending.

It is these muscles that often need to be exercised to strengthen the knee.

The ligaments in the medial ligament are known as medial meniscus, and in the lateral meniscosus are known to be called lateral menisci.

They stretch over time and can make the knee very weak.

A joint with an ACL or LCL ligament is said to be able to bend without pain.

The muscles that stretch over the medial menisculare are called menisci.

The meniscis and meniscor tend to contract in response to the impact or force of a collision, which results in pain.


The shoulder injury The shoulder is a joint in the upper arm that is often damaged from the impact that occurs when a ball is kicked up into the air.

The most common shoulder injury is a sprained disc, called a spraining discus, that is the result of a foul on the ball.

It can be caused by an accidental knock to the ball or a violent hit by a player.

The severity of the injury depends on the position of the shoulder, as the more the joint is injured, the more serious the injury is.

The joint is usually torn, the ligaments break and there are injuries to the muscle attachments called tendons.

The tendons are connected by cartilage and are a part of your shoulder muscles.

When you bend your arm, the cartilage between your wrist and your shoulder bones contracts, causing the cartilaginous tendons to break.

The cartilage also allows the ligament to pull apart, making it easier to get hurt from an impact.

The inflammation caused by the injury of the tendons is called shearing.

The injury of these ligaments can make it difficult to control your upper body and cause you to be unable to bend your body in an appropriate way.


The ankle injury The ankle is the muscle in your ankle that supports your ankle and is involved in running, jumping and catching.

The two muscles involved in ankle-related injuries are the extensor digitorum longus and extensor hallucis longus.

They contract to move the ankle joint.

In some cases, the two muscles can also break down and cause pain, swelling and bruising.

The tendon is usually located on the outside of the foot, and is the most common tendon injury in the ankle.

The extensor lateralis tendon attaches to the extensors, which, in turn, attach to the fibres that support the arch of the ankle, the metatarsal bones.

The metatarsals are connected to the foot bones by tendons, which in turn attach to fibres.

The fibres are also connected to cartilage, which also forms the arch and can break down if the ligands are broken.

The cause of these injuries is unknown.


The other injuries in football There are many more injuries that are more severe than those listed above.

There is the common ankle sprain that can cause ankle spasms.

The condition is more common in

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