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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

Dr. Dan Dantases newest research shows that the energy you get from hydraulic drills can actually be used for better health.

The study, which is now being published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, was led by Dr. Dave Dantakis, a physician and president of Dantades Oil Drilling.

Dr. David Dantasi is the founder and president and chief executive officer of Donta Energy Solutions.

Dr Dantasia and his team conducted two experiments with the results being the most exciting yet.

The first experiment focused on the use of water to treat fractures in a patient’s hand.

The patients hand had been fractured by an oil rig and was covered in red oil.

The water was then injected into the hand and treated to remove the oil.

Results showed the water removed the red oil and also significantly improved the healing time of the fractured hand.

Results from the second experiment were more surprising.

Drs Dantata and Dantasis performed three different types of water therapy, all of which reduced the amount of oil that was stuck to the skin.

In the first, the researchers injected an oil-containing solution into the skin of a patient with a fractured hand and then applied the water solution to the hand to prevent the oil from sticking to the patient’s skin.

The solution completely removed the oil, but only after a certain amount of time.

In this second experiment, the patients hand was then left untreated and left to heal for 24 hours.

Results were not as good, but still the water helped to heal the hand.

In a third experiment, Drs.

Danthas water therapy was applied directly to a fracture in the patient.

In both experiments, the oil was removed from the hand after 24 hours, but not before it had already healed.

This left the skin intact and showed that water therapy also did not cause further oil damage.

In addition, Dr. Sankar and his group found that the oil-free hand healing was much faster than the oil treated hand.

Dr Sankaran, a professor of osteopathy at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, has been studying the use, and potential benefits, of hydraulic drilling for more than 15 years.

He was part of the team that first used water as a treatment for a fractured forearm in the late 1990s.

“We found that we could actually treat the fracture within 48 hours,” Dr.

Sankaran said.

“It was the first time we were able to do it.

The fact that we were actually able to heal it within 48 hour was a real eye opener.”


Dantas research team was also able to use water to help patients with multiple fractures in different areas of their bodies.

The team found that applying a mixture of oil and water was the best way to heal a fractured shoulder.

The researchers also tested the efficacy of using water to control a broken elbow by adding water to the treatment to keep it from breaking during the healing process.

Results of these two experiments showed that when the oil and the water were mixed, the results were similar.

Dr Dan Dants findings about the benefits of water as an energy source are significant.

The research team found using oil as an alternative energy source for patients has many benefits.

Drdantas findings on using oil to treat patients with fractures in the hand have some very important implications for healthcare providers and the healthcare industry in general.

One, the study found that patients had better healing times when using oil therapy for their hands than when using water.

Another, Dr Dants results showed that patients who used oil therapy experienced fewer complications during the first 24 hours after treatment.

He also noted that the results did not change after a patient was able to take a break for several days after treatment and had their treatment healed.

As for the third experiment using water as the treatment for the injured hand, Dr Sankyan and his colleagues found that using water therapy significantly reduced the rate at which the oil stuck to bone.

Dr Shankaran and his research team believe that using oil for the treatment of fractures in patients is a good way to start treating fractures in all types of bones.

Dr Janki Bhandari, MD, associate professor of medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, said Dr. Bhandaris findings are a big step forward for healthcare workers.

Dr Bhandare was part the team of Dr Danthasi and Dr Sanks team that originally used oil as a therapy for fractured hands.

Dr, Bhandar said that Dr Dontas work is the first to show that hydrotherapy, water therapy and massage can be combined to improve healing times for patients.

“This study really showed that it can be done and that it has benefits that are very clinically important,” Dr Bhairare said.

Dr David Dantonas work has also received many awards.

He received the prestigious U.S.

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